Proudly Serving the Local Community for More Than 10 Years!
Phone: 352-495-2221
Phone: 352-495-2221
Residential Services include:

Standard Open Pool Service - includes 8 chemical tests / treatments and 4 cleanings each month.

Enclosed Pool Service - includes 8 chemical tests / treatments and 4 cleanings each month.

Custom Service of residential pools with separate spas or pools  larger than 20x40 is also available.  Individual prices are quoted for these pools and spas.

Pool Inspection Service - Pool Inspection Service also available

Commercial Services Include:

12 chemical tests / treatments and 12 cleanings each month.
Service days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Cleaning Service:

Skimming water surface as needed
Clean skimmer basket & pump basket as needed
Clean and backwash filter system as needed

Chemical Service:

Test & adjust chlorine or add salt as needed 
Test and adjust PH
Test and adjust total Alkilinity, Stabilizer & Calcium

All service charges include all chemicals and tools necessary for the provision of the above services.